Covert and Overt Operations

For high-crime locations, our team are experienced in the planning and execution of covert operations, used to target harden and capture persistent offenders.

Alongside our forensic technologies, a range of technical equipment can be deployed and monitored by the SmartWater Control Room. This includes:

GPS Trackers – installed into near anything from cash bundles to vehicles. Once the item leaves a designated area, an alert will be sent to the SmartWater Control Room and our team will begin monitoring the route it takes and alert the authorities.

Transferable markers – forensic liquids that once applied to a vulnerable item, transfer on touch, providing an invisible chain of traceability.

Covert Cameras – wireless, compact and strategically deployed. Image feeds from our cameras allow for a faster response to criminal activity,

During any operation, we will engage British Transport Police and bring them to the location, show them what we’re doing and agree an escalation plan in the event of an offence being committed.

For each operation, we will write an operational order, written in typical ‘police’ language and assign this a log number within the relevant Police Control Room – ensuring that details of the operation and the action to be taken can be retrieved near instantly in the event of a 999 call.

Our team have had notable successes with many prolific and dangerous offenders locked up as a result.

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