Covert Cameras and Monitoring


Wireless, compact, motion-activated and easily hidden. SmartWater’s covert camera equipment can be deployed rapidly at vulnerable locations to provide an effective means of identifying and rapidly engaging offenders.

The resultant images are monitored live by SmartWater’s control room and provide an opportunity for the police and / or a mobile patrolling team to engage with the subject of those images, allowing for a positive exchange with the intent of either preventing further offending or to save lives. 

The identification of the individual also allows for follow-up interaction with that individual, their families, their community, their healthcare professionals and their peers. To date SmartWater has identified XXX offenders through the use of Covert cameras.

Please note all images shown are taken from actual SmartWater operations.


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SmartWater cameras can feed directly into the British Transport Police control room, allowing for a faster response to a crime in progress.

Robust SmartWater cameras can capture high-quality images, HD video footage and, in some cases, audio, on a battery that can last for weeks.

Camera deployment locations are identified as part of a dynamic on-site risk assessment carried out by ex-Police SmartWater operatives, who can call upon decades of investigative experience.

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