The most effective way of deterring criminals is to increase their chances of getting caught. Traceability makes it more difficult for a thief to sell on their stolen goods, because through traceability comes accountability – and the likelihood of proven guilt. Because the police regularly check for SmartWater on recovered stolen property and actively raise awareness of it, SmartWater is well known and feared by criminals.

With hundreds of convictions and a 100% conviction rate in court to our name, criminals are aware of our power to place them at the crime scene and secure a conviction. By displaying SmartWater THIEVES BEWARE® deterrent stickers, you are sending out a powerful warning to any would-be thieves.

During independent research, in which over 100 criminals were interviewed, 74% of those interviewed stated that they would not break into a building with a SmartWater THIEVES BEWARE® deterrent label on display.