Forensic Cable Marking


Each SmartWater forensic liquid contains a unique forensic code that can be used to link both criminals and stolen property back to a crime scene.

The liquid is invisible to the naked eye but glows SmartWater’s trademark yellow-green under UV light, and this is how it is detected by thousands of trained police officers.

Click the buttons to the right to see SmartWater-marked signalling cable under both natural and UV light >>

SmartWater offers the most robust forensic products on the market – our forensic liquid can withstand fire, humidity and sunlight – and is guaranteed to last for a minimum of 5-years, even when used outdoors.

SmartWater is virtually impossible to remove and only a trace the size of speck of dust is required to link a suspect back to a crime scene.

SmartWater scientists will analyse traces of SmartWater found on suspects and stolen cable at no cost to the Police and, if necessary, provide expert witness testimony in Court to help secure a conviction.

Our unique forensic liquid technology provides irrefutable trace evidence and investigative opportunities that will likely tip the balance and support the Police response the client deserves.

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