We realise that SmartWater’s traceable liquids are used in a range of environments and will often be exposed to the elements – they therefore need to be tough enough to endure these conditions without constant re-application.

In fact, SmartWater has been proven to withstand prolonged exposure to fire, humidity and sunlight – as well as the explosive force of an ATM gas attack. No more robust forensic signature is available on the market.

PAS 820

PAS 820

PAS (Publicly Available Specification) 820:2012, developed by the security industry and BSI (British Standards Institution), is a standard for assessing the length of time a forensic signature continues to be identifiable when exposed to weathering, helping purchasers to make more informed buying decisions.

After extensive, independent testing by a certified laboratory, SmartWater was the FIRST forensic marking product to be awarded this accreditation. Furthermore, SmartWater were awarded the highest grade available – A, meaning that the unique forensic signature contained in our products, can survive outdoors for a minimum of 5 years. Further information on the PAS 820 specification can be found here.


Kent Fire Brigade conducted a fire test to 600 degrees centigrade to establish whether or not SmartWater would still be present after a fly-tipping fire or if insulation was burnt off cable.

As you will see from the supporting video, the results were unanimous and SmartWater was proven to withstand extensive periods of burning, further cementing our unique forensic signature’s position as one of most durable on the market.


Here are some further examples of how the robustness of our products has played a critical part in deterring and detecting criminal activity – click the image to read the story: