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MetTrace – the LARGEST EVER roll out of forensic marking technology

London homes protected by SmartWater
reduction in burglary
police hours saved to combat terrorism
cumulative saving for Local and National Government

Without traceability Police are powerless to prosecute thieves. Protect your community and help ensure thieves are brought to justice by marking valuables with SmartWater. Our proven crime reduction programme has been reducing burglary rates, deterring thieves and securing criminal convictions for over 20 years.


in the media


The SmartWater team and the Metropolitan Police have been working togther to raise awareness of the MetTrace project through a intensive media campaign.

SmartWater Pebbles

Produced to demonstrate the traceable capabilities of the product, the video to the left shows a man marking a pebble on a beach using SmartWater, throwing it out to sea, then returning at night, and at low tide, to retrieve the same stone using an ultraviolet light.

SmartWater’s inorganic, water-based traceable liquids are colorless, chemically-coded solutions that fluoresce yellow under ultra-violet (UV) black light. Our products are not DNA-based so will withstand fire, humidity and sunlight, and once applied to an item, provide irrefutable traceability and undeniable proof of ownership. Not only do SmartWater products link property to the rightful owner, but the tiniest speck is all that is needed to link criminals to a specific crime scene.


Cutting Edge Technology

Scientists at SmartWater’s internationally accredited laboratories work daily with major organizations, creating solutions to solve issues of sustainability, proof of provenance and ethical sourcing. Each water-based forensic formula can be created to align with a consignment or location or manufacturer, even to form part of a distributable ledger or ‘Blockchain’.

Robust and Reliable

SmartWater traceable liquids are resistant to excessive heat caused by blast temperatures, humidity, UV sunlight, acids and other solvents used in the production process. The unique forensic signature within SmartWater solutions can be applied as a coating directly applied to the surface of materials such as precious metals, gems, timber, stone and many other substrates.

Flexible Solutions

The unique liquid forensic signature within the solutions can be applied either by industrial scale, remotely activated and metered misting systems to more simplified processes, designed to match the prevailing onsite conditions.  

SmartWater can operate random sites checks with fully documented analysis, providing the ability to evidence independent verification of ethical sourcing in protection of the Client’s brand reputation.

Trusted Brand

SmartWater scientists work on a daily basis with international law enforcement agencies, such as the FBI and other Federal agencies in the USA, police at New Scotland Yard, London and the Gendarmerie in France.   

Research partnerships have been formed with some of the World’s most eminent academic institutions pioneering new scientific techniques. For example, SmartWater is assisting in developing new methodology to trace the movement of malaria bearing mosquitoes and helping in the fight to preserve elephants through new forensic marking techniques.

Covert Technologies

We have at our disposal a range of covert and trap devices that can be deployed quickly and relatively easily to help catch persistent and prolific offenders. Our Special Support Team (SST) has years of experience deploying this equipment and will be able to recommend the products best suited to your requirements and then help you to plan and execute your operation.


Days of Action

Days of Action are a crucial component of The SmartWater Strategy™ as influencing handlers and receivers of stolen goods can directly impact on the behaviour of thieves. SmartWater Investigators have been engaged in over 150 police-led operations at scrap metal yards, recycling centres and second hand outlets. As part of this we have supported the police on over 1,150 separate visits to proactively search for SmartWater-marked stolen goods./span>


A standard specifying a framework of policies and procedures that include all legal, physical and technical controls involved in an organization’s information risk management processes.

The world’s most widely recognized Quality Management System (QMS).

A specification for testing robustness. SmartWater’s products are guaranteed to last five years in all weather environments.

Competence of testing and calibration laboratories, as required by the American Society of Crime Lab Directors.

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