Over the festive period, South Yorkshire Police officers have been carrying out intensive activity in an attempt to crack down on Sheffield’s most prolific offenders.

Known offenders have been targeted through a range of operations, including receiving special Christmas Cards, warning them that homes in Sheffield are protected by SmartWater, with a view to disrupting their criminal behaviour.

As a result of this activity, officers have made 39 arrests across the city for various offences including theft, domestic abuse, burglary and assault.

Detective Chief Inspector Lee Berry, who has overseen activity in Sheffield, said: “We have used various tactics to bring these offenders in, including sending over 150 Christmas Cards to those who are believed to be involved in criminal activity…but instead of glad tidings, we’ve been sending out a warning that homes are being protected by Smartwater in certain areas of the city.”

We have also been working hard over the last few months to help people to protect their belongings using Smartwater technology and we want offenders to know this too. Today will see the 500th home protected in Sheffield. South Yorkshire Police’s burglary campaign – Op Shield – is there to disrupt criminal activity and make it harder for offenders to escape justice.”

It might be approaching Christmas Eve, but we’re not shutting down. This crackdown is continuing into the New Year and we are still looking for people. Burglary is an intrusive and distressing crime and it will not be tolerated, we want to close down repeat offending and if you’re committing these offences, we will find you.”

This activity comes as part of Operation Shield, a partnership between SmartWater and South Yorkshire Police – where over 8,000 South Yorkshire homes have already been provided with SmartWater protection – with a view to bringing down acquisitive crime accross the region.