The Solar Trade Association (STA) is pleased to announce a partnership with security specialists SmartWater. Under the terms of the partnership, STA members are entitled to an exclusive discount of more than 25% off the installation of SmartWater’s unique asset marking technology, and more than 15% off the annual site licence fee.

SmartWater forensic liquid is simply applied to vulnerable solar panels, assigning them with their own unique forensic ‘code’ which is almost impossible to remove. Any traces of the liquid will glow SmartWater’s trademarked yellow-green under ultraviolet light, allowing any marked panels to be easily identified following theft and subsequent recovery by the Police.

The unique code within the liquid links both stolen panels and criminals with the scene of their crime. By heightening the accountability of thieves in this way, SmartWater has established a formidable reputation as a powerful deterrent

Only, earlier this year, SmartWater was responsible for recovering stolen solar panels worth thousands of pounds – FIND OUT MORE HERE>

The STA will also be collaborating with SmartWater to develop and implement a site security incident monitoring and reporting system, including a monitoring “Dashboard” integrating rural crime data from across the UK, to provide site area security alerts to STA members.

The unique code within the liquid provides an irrefutable forensic link back to the owner of stolen goods and also links criminals with the scene of their crime. By heightening the accountability of thieves in this way,

STA Chief Executive Chris Hewett said: “SmartWater technology is a game-changer for our industry, and we believe this partnership will be a turning point in the fight against break-ins and theft at solar sites across the UK. We look forward to working with SmartWater to protect our members’ solar assets for many years to come.”

SmartWater Director of Security Services Gary Higgins said: “We are delighted to be working with the Solar Trade Association and believe that our cutting edge technology and proven crime prevention track record can help the industry to enhance security and reduce the impact caused by criminality. We will be working together to better understand how crime is affecting the industry and where required to provide the membership with detailed analysis and recommendations on how to target harden and reduce criminal attacks.”

Thefts of solar assets are typically linked to wider rural crime, where similar equipment and materials, such as high value metals, are often targeted by the same groups of criminals. SmartWater’s unique security offering already protects over 1 million solar panels across the UK, and contributed to the successful recovery of panels stolen from a site in Kidderminister in March this year.