Rapid Reaction


SmartWater Rapid Reaction is a mobile team of security experts who can be in the right place at the right time to gather evidence of a crime in action and where possible establish the identity of those responsible.

Not to be confused with manned guarding – with an emphasis on evidence gathering rather than engaging the criminal.

Intelligence led and cost-effective – with the team only being utilised between hours deemed vulnerable by SmartWater analysts and deployed across crime ‘hotspot’ areas / locations.

The team can provide a rapid on-the-ground response to camera activations, alarms and police information, as well as monitoring and reporting abnormal and suspicious activity.

The Rapid Reaction team consists of highly trained and experienced ex-armed service personnel.

The team respond to all camera activations, automated alarms of power failure and police information.

Rapid Response provides trackside security, surveillance and monitors damage to the infrastructure.

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