a National Campaign to improve vehicle security


To protect the components of the approximately 23 million vehicles at risk of being targeted by thieves.


Through use of SmartWater SmartTrace® HT forensic liquid, unique to each vehicle, being applied to the catalytic converter. Registration process takes an estimated 10 minutes via an online portal, logging the vehicle registration number to the SmartWater formula.


During a recent trial by police, theft of catalytic converters was reduced by 57% – VIEW STORY>

Support for initiative:

Both the Centre for Infrastructure and Asset Protection (CIAP) and SmartWater have undertaken to provide police with free access to the National Asset Database, forensic analysis and expert testimony in Court in support of criminal prosecutions.


SmartWater process has been independently accredited by UKAS as being compliant with the Government’s Forensic Science Regulator’s Codes of Practice.

List of ‘at risk’ and needing protection:

Catalytic converters, where applicable.

However, SmartWater are working on a solution to mark the following:

Spare wheels, alloy wheels, batteries of hybrid vehicles, caravans, trailers, classic cars, specialist vehicles, motorcycles.

Cost of registration to Registered Centre:

£15 per vehicle* (excluding Vat). Volume discounts available, details upon request.

*for three years registration on the National Asset Database

Price to vehicle owner:

At the discretion of the Registered Centre.

Cost of sign-up for Registration Centre:


Minimum order quantity:

30 registration kits

What is included with first order?

Point of sale material, including ‘pop-up’ and desk top Explainer.

Training process:

Via an online video training module – VIEW HERE>


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