Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

The SmartWater forensic spray system is NOT just another intruder alarm, our unique forensic liquid technology provides irrefutable forensic trace evidence and investigative opportunities that will likely tip the balance and support the Police response the client deserves.

SmartWater products and services are not designed to replace your existing security set-up, but rather to enhance it.

The deterrent power afforded by SmartWater’s track record for convicting thousands of criminals, coupled with our ability to secure a police response through forensic trace evidence, is something that we believe is a real advantage over traditional security measures.

As the SmartWater forensic spray system can be seamlessly integrated into existing security systems, there is little or no change to the client’s daily security routine and thus a significantly reduced likelihood of improper use or accidental activations.

In addition, we provide free eLearning and support materials for your current alarm installer and security staff to reference and familiarise themselves with the system.

Though the forensic spray typically fades on skin as it sheds, it will remain on clothing and footwear permanently. Additional trace evidence will be left at the scene in the form of footprints and handprints.

The forensic liquid is incredibly robust and can withstand fire, humidity, sunlight and chemical agents.

SmartWater scientists only need a trace the size of a speck of dust to identify the unique forensic code and SmartWater currently retains a 100% conviction rate in Court.

With hundreds of convictions and a 100% conviction rate in court to our name, criminals are aware of our power to place them at the crime scene and secure a conviction. By displaying SmartWater THIEVES BEWARE® deterrent labels, you are sending out a powerful warning to any would-be intruders.

During independent research, in which over 100 criminals were interviewed, 74% of those interviewed stated that they would not break into a building with a SmartWater THIEVES BEWARE® deterrent label on display.*

Furthermore, 9 out of 10 of our clients suffering no further attacks, following the installation of a SmartWater forensic spray system.

Installation of a SmartWater forensic spray system is subject to a site survey, whereby optimal positioning will factor in limiting customer interaction where possible. However it is worth noting that

SmartWater forensic liquid is non-hazardous. MORE INFO

In fact, SmartWater forensic spray systems can help improve staff and customer safety, by preventing violent altercations with would-be offenders, through the power of the SmartWater deterrent.

In the event of a criminal activation, innocent bystanders are advised to remain on site until the Police arrive. Witness and video evidence, along with a lack of characteristic features in the spray pattern (such as smudging – e.g. as the offender rapidly departs and brushes against walls and surfaces) will rule them out as a suspect.

Furthermore, the liquid is non-hazardous and will not be visible on skin under natural light, fading after as the skin sheds.

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